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When it comes to construction, we find the best way to achieve success is to go above and beyond for our client partners.

Taking our service experience one step further, we offer the option to self-perform rough carpentry work, finish carpentry/detail work and labor. Thanks to our more than 100 expert carpenters, detailers and laborers at hand, we can supply purchased lumber, stronger price certainty, lower costs, stricter schedule control and a higher level of quality.

While our estimating department manages take-offs of our self-perform work, we do accept bids from other subcontractors, particularly for rough and finish carpentry. These bids are carefully evaluated to choose the most qualified subs with the best pricing. This approach of using the lowest qualified bid in pricing a job, allows us to remain very competitive regardless of market conditions. Thanks to our team, we have a strong control over timing and quality.

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Construction is something that’s in our nature and we won’t stop until your project is a success.

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