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Since 1963 we have established a reputation of excellence in the construction industry.

A business simply won’t last without expert knowledge, steady performance and being a master of our craft. Construction is something that’s in our nature, it’s quite literally the stuff we are made of.

As your Development Partner, UC Construction works side-by-side with you to lead the process, lending our expertise along the way.

This way every contributing party has a vested interest in seeing it succeed. Rain or shine, hurdles or restrictions, we’ll stay on task to deliver a solution that’s on time and within budget. We’re here to ensure that your bottom line is met!

Design & Pre-Construction

Every design starts with a vision, and the pre-construction team goes over all the details, so a job runs smoothly. From the vision, we work as a team to refine the design by analyzing options and alternatives.

This ensures that we are not only giving our clients what they want but are keeping both price points and budgets in mind. We also do this by honing our master schedule and forming strong partnerships with trusted tradespeople. 

Relying on our team of experts in the industry allows up to keep a fixed price point throughout the project. Just tell us which direction you want to take, and we’ll find the best way to make it happen.

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Construction is something that’s in our nature and we won’t stop until your project is a success.

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