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Joseph Fitzpatrick, Retired
Dennis Fitzpatrick, President

In 1963, Joseph Fitzpatrick began refurbishing and building exceptional homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and that’s how our company’s foundation of excellence became firmly fixed in the area. Those first projects naturally led to new expertise in various construction services, from apartment, condo, and commercial development to general contracting. Joseph’s son, Dennis Fitzpatrick, assumed daily operations in 1993 and still leads all three company entities UC Construction, UC Framing Corp. and Fitzpatrick Homes.

Although UC Construction has grown into a company with the ability and know-how to tackle a variety of challenges, we are still a family business and have stayed true to our roots and dedication to quality. Our projects have become increasingly more prominent and diverse, but we still treat each one like our reputation depends on its success.

Crafting Exceptional Homes To Benefit You And Your Family—Now And For Years To Come.

For many decades, the Fitzpatrick family has been building state-of-the-art homes and multi-family communities throughout the Central Valley and Northern California. “Building quality into every home” has been the foundation of our philosophy since we started our company in 1963. Our reputation as a premier builder derives from our attention to detail and the excellent personal service we provide to each Fitzpatrick homebuyer.

Buying a home may be one of the most important financial decisions in your life, and we want to ensure that your investment will be secure. We carefully scrutinize and select each new Fitzpatrick Home community to secure long-term value. Because we use only the top industry professionals, we create communities featuring the most current innovative architectural designs and homes containing the highest quality craftsmanship. Innovation and quality: characteristics synonymous with the Fitzpatrick Homes’ reputation.

Our commitment is to family — both yours and ours. When you choose a Fitzpatrick Home, you not only join the extended Fitzpatrick family of homes, you invest in quality, reliability, and service that will benefit you and your family — now and for the years to come.

Core Values

At UC Construction, we always maintain our core values. They keep us strong and allow us to provide our clients with an elevated level of service. We pride ourselves on our talented team, our commitment to the project and our clients, the effect on our surroundings, and above all, the safety and well-being of our employees.

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UC Construction keeps its eye on the future, but we never lose sight of the team that helps us get there. Together, we focus on bringing the vision to life, which is something that permeates everything we do. Our culture is one that comes together over diverse experiences, personalities, and talents.

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Every project has an impact on its surroundings, and that’s something we keep top of mind with each action we take. Our approach of creating places that enhance the landscape, foster sustainability and cultivate community ensures we build responsibly while adding value to the area.


At its core, UC Construction is a company that is committed to its clients. By providing a range of services in every aspect of our industry, we do more than meet client expectations—we surpass them in every way. And, as we go, we build relationships based on trust with a mutual desire to craft what’s next.


The safety and well-being of our employees, subcontractors, and the public is something we value with the utmost importance. We diligently plan, build to code and prepare for any situation, successfully safeguarding from risks while ensuring the highest level of quality for every project.

Peace of Mind

Protecting and maintaining the health of our employees and partners is a priority at UC Construction. With a safe working environment on our minds, we enact excellent safety programs within the company and at every project site, going beyond standard safety standards to shape a culture that revolves around personal well-being. Starting with the planning process, each move we make is carefully thought out and calculated to prevent accidents and injury because we find that the best approach to safety is to be proactive every step of the way.