The Building Process

UC Construction's team is skilled in all aspects of the construction process. See a sampling of our services below.

Building Process:

  • Managing the competitive bidding processes for every aspect of the project to minimize costs and ensure value.
  • Orchestrating the interior design decisions by working with owners, stylists and contractors.
  • Creating a comprehensive and convenient development budget for owner approval.
  • Coordinating and securing open communication between the client, architect, planning department, consultants, and subcontractors.
  • Verifying the representation of owner selections and supervising project schedules.


As a valued client you can choose to utilize as many or as few of the services described above, based upon the specific needs of your project. UC Construction offers three methods of quality construction delivery to best meet the needs of each client:

  • Design-Build Contract - Partnering with our experienced team from the beginning of your project ensures a seamless planning and building process from concept to completion.
  • Negotiated Contract - As your chosen contractor, we work together to achieve the most cost-effective and timely results possible.
  • Competitive Contract - Our solid reputation and experience stand out from the rest during a competitive bidding process.

“Having worked with UC Construction since 1998, I know their reputation for quality construction is well deserved.”

Sean P. Carroll - Ross F. Carroll Inc.